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Challenge Yourself

In this 60 minute class we challenge ourselves with power planks, handstands, conditioning drills, and balance work. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a set of straps and handles, suspended from the ceiling, that we hold onto. With a Pilates / Strength & Conditioning style, these workouts are creative, fun, and for all levels of fitness.


Restore & Relax

This 60 minute class is a combination of dynamic stretches, fascial foam rolling and TRX stretches to restore the body and the mind. We include aroma therapy, relaxing music, and breathwork. When the body is restored, it is capable of doing and achieving more.


Stretch & Strengthen

This 60 minute class is the perfect combination of stretching and strengthening while continuously working your core, toning your muscles and improving your flexibility.

trx bootcamp

heart rate elevation

In this 60 minute original TRX Bootcamp style class, we incorporate interval training, circuits, and continuous strength & conditioning.

aerial trx

trust, balance & strength

Inversions and hanging postures

with the TRX Suspension Trainer. Coming Soon. 


sensual core

This 60 min modern belly dance class is a mix of core work, isolating the abdominal muscles through movement while adding in sensual choreography. At the same time, we are having fun with a few traditional belly dance styles while doing some new-age belly and hip moves. 


sexy & fun

This 60 min chair trx class is a fun and sexy workout. We mix pilates with dance chair, while we learn some fun and sexy moves and focus on our core. An ultimate expression of strength, sensuality, and femininity.


postpartum fitness

We have designed a special 60 minute core and stability class to carefully assist Momma's back to optimal fitness while including their little ones. The fitness portion is 45  min with a 15 min window after the workout for social time, transition and bum changes.

Yes, distractions happen, diapers need to be changed, however, we are in this journey together. Our studio provides a safe and inclusive space for exercise and socialization of mothers and babies. Ages 6 weeks to 12 months welcome. 

We provide all the equipment you need. We ask that mommas monitor and take full responsibility for their babies during the workout. You are welcome to take breaks at any point in order to tend to the needs of your child. Breastfeeding is welcome. We will provide a few safe and easy to clean toys, so please only bring the necessities such as a diaper bag, baby carrier, a bottle etc.

You can bring snacks, just keep them nut free please.​​

Other Classes available with
pole dancing ptbo
included with a 10 class pass

60 min

This class is a mix of intro level pole dance, pilates and conditioning through sensual movement. A fun workout that helps us get in touch with our sensuality.

Comfortable clothing and knee pads are recommended, as we do some floor work.

We will be participating in bare feet.

*Beginner level students are welcome to participate in Pleasers


60 min

This class is all the fun of our regular pole dancing classes, without the strain of our spins and inversions. Students are able to enjoy dancing with the pole without their feet leaving the ground. Don't be fooled: we may remove spins from our circuit, but this class is still a great workout.


60 min

This class will help our pole dancers (and non-pole dancers) increase their flexibility and extensions.

SPINS & COMBOS - Level 1

60 min

*Bare arms and legs are required.

*Do NOT apply any hand lotion prior to this class.

This class is not only great for working on your technique, but also for increasing upper body and grip strength!

We will learn basic spins and sits, and we'll combine them with familiar choreography to create the foundations of our Flow classes. 

This class is for students who are just starting their pole journey. 

*Bare arms and legs are required.

*Do NOT apply any hand lotion prior to this class.

*Knee pads are recommended.

ACRO - Level 1

60 min

This is a great class to start with for students interested in the acrobatics of pole.

Prepare to defy gravity and learn the basic leg hangs, lifts, and sits, combining these strength testing tricks with your pole spins.

*Bare arms and legs required

*Do NOT apply any hand lotion prior to this class.



60 min

Feel like getting dressed up in costumes, doing your hair, throwing on your fishnets and learning a fun routine that you can take home with you?!

It sounds like you're on your way to Burlesque class :D

The best footwear for Burlesque is a low, thicker jazz heal (try to avoid Pleasers and stilettos)

Wear layers that you can effortlessly remove, and of course, song requests are encouraged.


60 min

This is EXACTLY what you think it is !!

For students who own roller skates and want an intense cardio workout, while fearlessly throwing themselves around the pole, wait no longer!  Poler skating is a hybrid match made in heaven and Pole Dancing PTBO can't wait to integrate theses two worlds of fun loving gals! So many people love the idea of roller skating, but are terrified of falling. When they have the pole for support, a lot of that fear disappears and they're able to focus on their feet! Come ready for some laughs!!!

*Protective gear is recommended


60 min

This class will strengthen your core from the inside out. Starting from deep core TVA muscles

to your obliques, all core exercises will be beneficial for dance, balance and pole work.


60 min

This class uses the poles to condition all the muscles required for spins and holds. Students will increases grip core strength. A great full body workout that leaves you feeling the good burn.



Available on mindbody

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