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The Best Body Reset


Summer 2024


In this 2 hour course, we will explore the fundamental principles of nutrition, wellness, and weight management and how they impact our overall physical and mental well-being. Topics we will cover include understanding the gut microbiome, deciphering food labels, achieving nutritional balance, practicing intermittent fasting, and providing the tools to cultivate a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Cost 75$


Content Manual PDF

PDF Workbook


We will also offer ongoing support with out Best Body Membership for an online community that provides assistance, updates, workouts, and a sense of community.


TRX Pilates Core & Flexibilty

Welcome To The Community !

Coming Soon

  • Best Body Reset

    Every month
    • Weight Loss Education
    • Home Pilates Workouts
    • Accountability & Motivation
    • Gut Health & Nutrition
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