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As a certified personal trainer with 12 years experience, Kristen is our primary TRX Pilates instructor and manager, as well as a pole dancing ptbo partner/ instructor. She teaches a mix of pilates, pole dance, dance, flexibility training, strength & conditioning using the TRX Suspension Trainer. Her mission is to bring people together safely to enjoy fun and innovative fitness that improve ourselves and our lives


"Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am extremely honoured to be joining this team of beautiful, empowering women, while meeting all the new faces along the way. I’ve decided to enter back into the fitness industry after being a mother for many years, and I know how important fitness and balanced workouts are for our bodies. I am a level one certified Mat Core Pilates coach, and I have several  years of experience working as a certified personal trainer and core confidence specialist. With these and many other certifications, I am confident to carefully design well balanced programs that make you feel stronger, refreshed and leaving wanting more. Can’t wait to see you in class."

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Founder of Pole Dancing PTBO, Vicky has discovered a way to put her years of gymnastics and dance training into a body-positive, fun and welcoming workout environment!Vicky's favourite classes to teach are 'Rock n' Pole', 'Chair' and 'Burlesque'.


"Signing up for a class at PDP in 2018 was big step out of my comfort zone. Since then I've become so much stronger, more brave, and of course had many laughs and milestones with everyone at the studio. Dance is the best way to express myself and pole is the only workout I've stuck to!"

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