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Shop Local, Save The World & Smile

Shop Local, Save The World & Smile

We are so lucky to be living in North America. We can grow our own food as well as enjoy the foods of other countries. We have so many options in Canada that billions of people around the world do not have. This puts us in a position to make choices. For ourselves, for our economy, and our planet.

When you walk into a farmers market rather than a grocery store to buy local produce, not only is it a fun and magical experience but your outside, you meet the farmers who grew the produce and you smell the energy of people working together. It is even possible that you will find local vegetables you have never tried before. Instead of a chore, shopping for groceries becomes an adventure.

If you are making an effort to purchase food within your country, or better yet, your own province/state, you are supporting and stabilizing the employment of local farmers; ultimately, people who are your neighbors. Shopping local means helping your country’s economy. You are also reducing pollution that occurs as the produce is chemically treated to make it last longer during long distance transport.

As a citizen of Ontario, I try to buy produce from Ontario, Quebec or within Canada. You can find local foods by paying attention to where the product is grown on the food label in the grocery isle. The more you can buy from within a 100-500 mile radius, or within your country, the better for the environment, especially if that produce is organic.

The photo below: Ontario Purple Pepper I discovered - sweet and tart, a vegetable that was new to me after exploring the farmers market.

If you want to share your thoughts, feel free to contact me.

Kristen Young

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