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Love Yourself & Get Results

Updated: May 19, 2020

Love Yourself & Lose Weight

The first thing you have to do before you decide that you want to change your outer appearance is to make a conscious effort to love yourself on the inside. I call this working from the inside out.

Can you work on your inside mentality and your outside appearance at the same time? Yes, of course.

We all have negative tendencies. At times, we can practice a lack of self-love that is destructive to our happiness and well-being. We can also make choices to practice self-love in loving who we are on the inside and outside.

#1 - Start dealing with yourself - on the inside:

Imagine you had a house that was in need of repair. The foundation was cracking, the heating and plumbing wasn’t working properly, and the windows did not keep the heat in. Would you paint the outside of the house, while the inside was still broken? Not likely. Would you build a new deck, when the insulation and heating required work? No. You would most likely prioritize the most important problems that needed to be dealt with first. You wouldn’t invest thousands of dollars into building a deck, and cause your family to freeze in the winter because you chose not to fix the important foundational aspects of your situation. You would probably investigate whether the house was habitable before putting time and money into its outside appearance. This is working from the inside out. I want you to apply this to your mindset while making changes to create your healthy lifestyle. You must start by developing a positive attitude towards yourself.

#2 - This is a healthy lifestyle - not an obsession:

Working on a better “you” is very similar. Making a change that is going to last must begin on the inside before we even start to change the outside. In the fitness industry, I have met many thin, fit people, who don’t love themselves. This places them at risk for other disorders, besides the risk of obesity and heart disease. This is not where I want myself, or my clients, to be.

#3 - Put yourself first as a priority:

We, instinctively, give attention to the things, places, and people we love deeply. We provide almost endless energy to other people, our families, or our jobs usually because we love them and it is part of our duty. These things are a priority and we take care of them because we have decided we “must”, even if we are tired and don’t necessarily want to do it. But, unfortunately, when it comes to finding the energy to preparing healthy meals for ourselves, or dragging ourselves to the gym, or going outside for activity, it becomes the first thing we abandon. We can’t find the energy for it. Of course,our jobs and families are extremely important. But why do we put ourselves last to receive our own energy or love? We are forgetting the importance of loving and giving attention to ourselves. Getting fit and healthy involves being a little selfish. Your family, children, jobs, friends, and lover won’t abandon you if you choose to put a little time and effort into your health. They may give a little resistance, but that’s normal. They will adapt. Remember, change is not comfortable for everyone. You have to stay strong. In fact, you’re setting a strong example in a world where health and personal wellness creates more productive, healthy, and happy people.

#4 - Love yourself unconditionally:

Let’s get back to self-love. How often are we in front of the mirror genuinely admiring things we like about ourselves?How often do we actively try to find things we like about ourselves? When was the last time you sat down and seriously thought about the things you accomplished in a day? When did you last feel proud of how well you handled your job or family? Have you ever recognized the impact you’re making on the world? Every day, we do important things and make a positive and beautiful impact on the world. We all have moments where we help someone or make someone laugh. There are also the times we do our part for the Earth, rinse a can to be recycled, give to charity, or even smile at a stranger. We all have certain attractive, beautiful, and sexy qualities that deserve to be explored and celebrated. It could be your voice, legs, butt, posture, mouth, eyes, ankles, or laughter. There is something about you that is beautiful. It can be admired and should be shown off.

#5 - Make your own rules of beauty:

I love beauty and while working in fitness, I see many beautiful qualities in people that they don’t see themselves. Thanks to magazines, TV and Photoshop, we have an impossible goal bar given to us from society to measure what is beautiful. Instead of letting society decide what is beautiful and sexy, let’s decide ourselves. Let’s start loving ourselves from the inside out. We can do this by reminding ourselves that we are truly worth it. We can recognize our qualities and celebrate them.

Get started by reminding yourself of your qualities once or twice a day.

(Fill in the blanks with something you like about yourself.)

These are my good personality qualities 1) ____________ 2) ____________ 3) ____________

In myself, I love my 1) ____________ 2) ____________ 3) ____________

I have (a) great 1) ____________ 2) ____________ 3) ____________

I am trying, therefore, I am strong.

I am blessed to be alive.

I am fairly healthy and getting healthier every day.

I deserve love and happiness.

I am not alone.

When I am feeling challenged, I know I will be stronger later.

I am capable of achieving great things in my life.

I deserve to give myself what I need to be healthy.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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Kristen Young


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