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Where There's a Will, There's a Way

Willingness is not just about trying to change, trying to workout, or trying to eat your fucking vegetables. It’s so much more.

If I could wish one wish for you, it would be to have more willingness. Have the willingness to love yourself and to believe in yourself. Have the willingness to make mistakes and forgive yourself and have the willingness to trust the process and what the universe has planned for you. Remember what it is that you truly want and be willing to continue working towards it when it seems like a long hard road ahead. Have the willingness to keep trying, to try something new and get outside your comfort zone.

The Willingness to Allow Yourself What You Desire.

Life will set a fire in you when it comes to certain things in which you desire. If you have a goal, you have a desire to want that goal, to feel the burning inside for it, to have an excitement when you think about moving towards it. Sometimes, you don’t even have to visualise achieving your goal, because just the thought of moving towards it makes you feel alive with desire. Be willing to listen to your desire and give it your effort no matter how difficult it may seem. Having your desire set aflame in your heart and spirit while moving towards your goals, is more fulfilling then achieving your goal. Save some of your excitement that you feel from thinking about achieving your goal for the day when you actually start experiencing the fruits of your labour. This will ensure that you stay on route towards what to desire even when the road gets rocky,

The Willingness to Keep Moving Forward.

When we are practising our patience, we must not sit still and lay idle. We must continue working towards our goal and moving forward even if it is a small, step by step progress along the way. Let’s say your goal is to lose 50 lbs, and it’s taken you 3 months to lose 10 lbs. You have achieved this without extreme dieting. You notice that your body is changing and you’re feeling so much better and happier because of this small bit of progress. You’re feeling positive, healthier, and slimmer. The glass is currently half full. However, a rough couple of weeks come around where you fall off track and you feel terrible because of this. Let’s say you stopped doing the things that were helping you towards your goal and now you feel like all your progress is gone in the opposite direction. Your perspective starts to change and your willingness to keep working towards your goals starts fading fast. Suddenly you feel like this is taking too long, it’s too hard or you will never achieve your goals, you’re forgetting about your progress and slipping into a dark negative place. You were at step 0, then you progressed to step 2 and now you want to be at step 10 right away. The glass is now half empty and this goal you want to achieve feels “too hard” or “It’s not working”.

It’s not going as fast as you want it to. You’re not allowing it to be a process. You want instant gratification. I want that too. Believe me. But life and growth doesn’t work that way.

No. It is not too hard. You need to flip your negative thinking into positive thinking; you need to remember how you felt after your first bit of progress, how good you felt not achieving your goals YET, but just moving towards it.

I will say it again, moving toward a goal is more fulfilling than achieving the goal. Why? Because it is the journey that TRULY fulfils us, not the destination.

The Willingness to be Patient with the Process

This is where I struggle the most. Patience. If you have a goal, be patient. Like most things in life, that goal is still going to take time, so please be willing to move towards it in small patient steps without the need to attain it right away. A huge weight lifts off of our shoulders when we realize that our goal, what we want, what we are fighting for CANNOT be fully attained until the right amount of time has passed to prepare us for what’s to come. We must be patient with our goals and ourselves until we have learned what we need to learn and have walked each important step along the way. When the universe says we are ready, then we shall be ready to achieve and receive.

The Willingness to Make Mistakes

Mistakes are going to happen. Life needs to brand us with important lessons so that we can learn and grow as individuals. Once we are aware of the lessons, we are more likely to make better choices the next time we are faced with a challenge. Being aware of the lessons and learning from them, takes a certain amount of willingness. So be willing to forgive your-self and be willing to keep trying. So things fell apart, but it’s when things are broken and falling apart that you can get inside and rebuild. When you fall apart is the best opportunity to rebuild better, smarter and stronger. Except that mistakes and pain are mandatory in any growth process, and be willing to accept this critical step.

Willingness to Let Go and Let Be

Sometimes when you keep pushing, and pulling and trying so hard and things are not going as we want them to go, it may be time to let go and let be. This doesn’t mean give up on your goals, rather it means that it may be time to step off the gas, open your consciousness and wait for the next step. Usually, a new approach is needed in the situation. But it doesn’t mean give up.

It’s not going to be perfect. But always be willing to try.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Kristen Young

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