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When Life Has Fallen Apart

An article to help you through tough times.

So life has fallen apart. No matter what the situation is specifically, its all a mess and you're caught in the middle of the storm. Nothing feels right and you don’t know what to do, however deep inside is a feeling like you need to do something.

Welcome to life.

It’s a good reminder to understand that no matter how big our problem is, someone else has a struggle greater than ours. We are not alone and even with tough times, we are blessed compared to other situations. Take a second to feel grateful and think about some of the people and things you are grateful for at this very moment. It can be as simple as feeling grateful for the sunshine, a bed to sleep in or a friend.

On a positive note, when things get really difficult, it has the ability to strip us of our armor and humbles us. When we are in our weakened state, we become more relatable to other humans and we pull our heads out of the sand. That is the beauty of hard times and distress. There is always something we can be thankful for. We suddenly have a chance to really open our eyes and look around. We may become more kind and relatable to others. We may call someone we love that we have not spoken too in a long time. How beautiful is a disaster that it has the ability to teach us more about ourselves?

What a gift.

Yes, the storm is strong, but it will pass. Change is inevitable and everything eventually has to change. As much as we want to hold on to good moments forever, we need to go through good times without attachment. When things get difficult, then we can also go through it without attachment knowing that it will pass and things will change again for the better. It is important to keep going, to do your daily activities with a smile and to take a deeper look into yourself so that you can discover new things and grow as a person. Reach out to people even though you may feel ashamed or feel like hiding, as they are there for you and will be part of your journey, and you can be there for them someday, and the love is exchanged.

Like all energy systems of this world, we have positive and negative, sun and rain, good and bad, highs and lows. This is the balance of life.

If you are going through a tough time, keep in mind that this too shall pass, you are not alone and we are only dealt situations that we can handle. Take this opportunity when you are out of your comfort zone to grow as a person and have faith that all is well, all is secure and tomorrow the sun may come out brighter than before.

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Kristen Young

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