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Dealing with Discouragment

Updated: May 19, 2020

People will discourage you. It is only expected. When you are eliminating sugar from your life, people will ask, “well how come you will eat a banana but not jam, it's the same thing” and it becomes repetitive saying “because the banana is less processed and more natural.”


When I lost 15 lbs of fat in my Best Body Reset, after I eliminated wheat and sugar, I got weird looks and comments because I would eat homemade sweet potato french fries and steak as a treat, or homemade sugar and wheat free muffins or even fruit was criticized because to the outside world, those foods contain “carbs” and “fats” so they must be bad. Yes, they contain all those things. They are not spinach. I am aware of that. However, they are less processed, more natural, contain no added or processed sugars, which make a huge difference to your health. I am eating real food from Mother Nature or as close as I can get.


That is what SHL striving for a healthy lifestyle is all about. Eating real foods that make you feel and look good.

Should you eat fruits only ALL DAY every day, or white potatoes and steak every day? Of course not.

I will be purchasing an air popper for making healthy popcorn this year, and I am sure I will receive weird comments because according to society, chips and popcorn are the same food, right? Wrong. Popcorn is less processed, contains fiber and is more natural. When you make it yourself, you can add coconut oil, sea salt if you like, which decreased a lot of the chemicals found in the typical microwave version.

Once you feel something is right and it works for you, stick to it. If you believe it, do it. Others will have something to say, but if you are getting the results you want and value, you know in your heart that you are on the right track. I

f you feel great, keep moving forward.


My mom ate a small piece of cake each and every night, while at the same time she made huge nutritional changes in her lifestyle. She made her own flavored yogurt by using plain yogurt, she mixed in blended berries and stevia instead of the sweetened store-bought kind. She cut down on wheat, jam, pasta, cheese, alcohol (she didn’t drink much in the first place) and she lost 30 lbs in just over a year….all the while continuing to have that small piece of cake each night.

Do what works for you. Try not to let others discourage you. Instead of being afraid of failure when people comment on your new lifestyle, show the world that you are on a mission for yourself, and be proud. Others may catch up later on.


Kristen Young

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